Accessibility Statement

Welcome to the accessibility statement for Rockhill Manor. This page covers the accessibility and standards compliance measures taken by Rockhill Manor, as well as guidelines on how to take advantage of those features. We have made every reasonable attempt to make the content on this website as accessible as possible to all disabled persons.

Keyboard Accessibility

All links, form elements and tables can be navigated via the keyboard.

Font Sizes

This website uses relative font sizes, which means they can be easily resized by browsers if you find the type difficult to read.

Standards Compliance

The accessibility of the website is helped by its adherence to web standards and general best practices in development, including:

In addition, all pages attempt to validate to a HTML5 doctype, all CSS files validate to the W3C’s specifications, and all pages meet the majority of accessibility requirements set forth in WCAG 1.0 and specifically in Section 508.

Accessibility Barriers

Despite best efforts, there remain accessibility barriers within this website. It is known that not all pages validate perfectly; if you find a specific problem, please contact us. In addition, the visual formatting of these pages is known to be substantially broken in old browsers like Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer 6 and below, and others. If you are using a browser more than three years old, please upgrade. Recommended options: